Hey guys curious Those who have had a splenectomy were you told if you got a...

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  • Hope you feel better soon, Teegan :)

  • Temps over 38.5 or so can really suck, I had a stretch of that a few years ago and I was semi=delirious part of the time. Nothing to do with ITP though.

  • I will, thankyou.

    Have you been in remission since yours?

  • Long story. I was diagnosed with myelofibrosis, a blood cancer, in 2011. In 2012 I had a stretch of about a month of daily fevers that my doctor finally treated with indomethacin. It is a fairly common symptom of myelofibrosis. In Sept 2012 I had a stem cell transplant that cured the cancer, but caused a bout of ITP and AIHA that lasted about 6 months. My counts have been normal since about October 2013, so my ITP may just have been a one-time thing

  • I have to get to the ED with temperatures over 100. Every time that's been the case, my platelets have dropped lower than 10 and I've had to be admitted. I try hard not to get sick

  • Geez Doug, you were dragged through the coals a bit there. Glad you beat it all!!!! That would have been rough!!

    Is that even after a splenectomy Virginia?

  • Yes, Teegan Giles. I think it's because of the splenectomy. However, I had that surgery in 2004 after 4 years of Win Rho, which stopped working. I had 8 years of blessed remission after surgery, until a nasty virus in '11 landed me in the hospital with count of 10. It's been downhill ever since, nothing I can tolerate but Nplate.

  • Oh wow, that really sucks.

    At least there is a treatment that can help you when needed.

    My fever has dropped this morning to just over normal but I am just coughing and coughing constantly now.

  • If the cough doesn't improve, maybe check with the doctor.

  • Yeah I will, see how it goes over the next couple of hours. If I move it gets worse.

  • u should see doc whenever u have a fever. tell them that u took something to bring it down

  • if u have fever, u have infection of some type