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  • I would say avoid surgery until you can't take it anymore. I waited awhile to have surgery. I was still functioning pretty well. Pain time to time but I also have a high pain tolerance. It eventually got to the point where the pain was getting worse and it was stopping me for doing my normal activities. With that said, I am currently 6 months post op. I am happy with the results so far. I am better off than I was before the surgery. I would say hold off as long as you can. Recovery is much longer than I thought.

  • I have OD on both sides - on the right one since 8 years, on the left one - well, diagnosed one year ago. No swellings, it hurt sometimes. My lesions are like yours, in stages II and IV, but "stable" - not flYing bones ;-) I have some ortho-braces when it hurts, some painkillers, and doind sometimes shockwave therapy and osteopatic therapy and I will not have a surgery until I can't stop walking. My personal advice - don't do it, until you can't walk ;-)

  • I would suggest not doing the surgery until you can't take it anymore like Stephanie Stone said. I've had 2 surgeries and am getting ready to have a third---new surgeon now who specializes in OCD. My pain level is 5-8 on most days.... 7 days a week. Once in a blue moon it will be lower. From my experience and what I've seen here most.... but not all.... have needed to return for more surgery. Best wishes. It's a tough decision. I will tell you this though, if I knew back 3 years ago what I know now, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have done surgery at that time.

  • I had occasional pain till I was 18 when I found out I actually had OCD that was fully detached, had screws and microfracrure. Couple other smaller surgeries and it turned to shit then I hit the gym hard which is what the docs told me not to do and now I have next to no pain

  • Hey guys,

    Thanks for getting back to me so soon and for all the advice. I will have an MRI in a couple of weeks to re-evaluate my OCD. We will see how it comes!

    Is there anybody out here who was really happy about the results of their surgery?

  • There are some that have had good results... hopefully they'll see your post.

  • What do you attribute this to, just strengthening or what? What did you do, squat/deadlift/etc? Do you technically still have the OCD?

  • 100% attributed to strength training. Although i started out only swimming, leg extension and leg curls, the muscle slowly built up around the knee and eventually I moved to leg press and strength built quicker which in turn releived the pain as there was weight on the articular cartilage. Then over time I could squat and deadlift. My defect was massive and very late stage.

  • I have/had OCD in the left femoral condyle of my right knee. Screwed into place Nov 2014, one screw out Nov 2015 and then the remaining out and lateral band released because I had severe sublaxation Nov 2016 bc they weren't working. I've now been told I'll need every bone from my waist down on that leg realigned in the future. I kinda wish I'd just left it BUT it was effecting my quality of life so I'm sort of glad I at least gave it a shot.

  • Second Jamies suggestion! Im now building up my leg muscles and the pain is minimal at best!

  • Although doctors are against I truely beleive weight training is the way to go! Good work Eden Tauhore

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz they told me never to cycle again... well what they don't know won't hurt them huh?

  • I'm 50/50 right now. I also had seen a general orthopedic surgeon my first surgery PLEASE don't see one of them. I regret it.

    My second orthopedic surgeon is a specialist in foot ankle. I'm feeling better about the recovery with the second surgery and surgeon. then the first surgery and surgeon.

  • Bahaha exactly! I play touch full time which is like the worst for ACL snaps and im fine

  • I've had 13 procedures throughout my life. I think it's worth it if you get relief for a few years.