Hey friends Well since having MPA since 2008 I always did look fine and ok...

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  • Michelle I know it is hard and remember your inner beauty always shines through xxx

  • Michelle, you can be the light in so many peoples lives just by smiling and being a strong woman to others. Your beauty comes from inside of you! My 24 year old felt the same way when she had moon face and felt terrible but that year showed her how strong she really was. She goes out to work every morning trying to shine the light of love and peace to everyone she sees during the day. The effects of the drugs will pass. Have faith that there is a reason for everything. You are the best person to show others what is truely important. Be the light! and remember....you are So beautiful!

  • Thanks again girls. You have really taken away the grey clouds from above me. The sun has shine on me now!;-)

  • We all get tired of it for sure- my eyes always look puffy along with the rest of me. Ha

  • Be strong for you and for all of us.Your beauty is in your hard

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz I feel the same way when I look in the mirror. My face is swollen and to me I look sickly. I feel like I don't look good anymore. Maybe get a new hair cut or dye it get some new make up to play with?? That's what I did and I got a good response which makes u feel better at least. The most important thing is be strong! I feel funny even telling u this because I go thru it often, but we got to be strong to get us thru this rare illness. Cheer up and let me know how ur feeling!!! :)

  • Prednisone is my 'drug of choice' for the wonderful relief it gives me if I have a flare....I couldn't believe how fast it worked and how much better I felt when I first took it. I am fortunate, because I have not had to remain on it for any length of time, because CellCept then takes over and controls the MPA. I would say that perhaps you are sensitive to each person who looks at you because the 'moon face' is bothering you so much. Just give those folks a smile and they will probably smile back and you will both forget about the initial impression you each had.

  • @Michelle...I myself look like the Goodyear blimp or the fat lady in the circus...take your pick. It's difficult to look in the mirror these days, but I have to keep reminding myself of the things that are going "right" in my life instead of dwelling on what's "wrong". I am as upset as anyone about the side effects of the dreaded pred, but I try to keep my mind on the good things...like I can still drive and get around, I don't have any major pains, many days I feel like a normal person, I have good eyes...you get the idea.

  • Happy for you Lynn-I am like you-not a whole lot going on and I am so grateful I can drive and walk.

  • I too find that practicing gratitude helps. "I am grateful for _________." It really helps to that and to help others when we also need help...it always comes back to us.