Hey friends I ve found that a combo of meds makes me herx very bad good within...

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  • "Trearment in a way is like chemotherapy" -- that is a helpful contextual frame for friends & family. When I was pregnant & pretty sick (unaware I had Lyme) a very dear friend was going thru chemo. She graciously & bravely said: "You look like your going thru chemotherapy, not me." Saying that to some helps them see Lyme Disease differently. We just don't lose our hair! That's a blessing!

  • Joel, I have heard of this type of treatment. Lets face it...we do need (if we can that is) be some what functional. How is it working for you?

  • Duane is now on tetracycline fifteen hundred mgs a day he is really herxing I believe keeps dry heaving and stoamch pains so extreme I have tried to get him to go to er. He is fatigued bad. He also has bubbly urine in which they r gonna test him for kidney troubles any ideas on what bubbly urine could b