Hey friends I need some advice I experienced something new and it doesn t go...

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  • I have this and yes it is part of OA. You have an impingement either in your shoulder or neck or both.

    Mine is both.

    In addition to what you described I can also wind up with the entire arm frozen, swollen, and feeling like I broke it. That normally takes 3-5 days to go away.

  • What is impingement? Is there anything they can do for this? Holding babies is a pretty big deal. :)

  • Impingement is squished or pinched

  • I will definitely be checking that out. My hand feels tingly. Not cool...

  • Build up of bone can cause a nerve to be pinched so can a herniated disk etc

  • My tip of the ice Berg happened in October when I picked something up and gradually went into full panic mode thinking I was having a heart attack bc of two pinched nerves in my neck. C3 controls nerves in face c6 controls nerves in arms and chest. I had vision issues, numb fingers and tingles everywhere up and down arms and from neck to cheeks. Had nerve root injections done and so far so good on the tingles. I then found out I have costochondritis and spondylosis of the spine and IBS and......Sigh. I would see about an MRI

  • It seems like it is always something popping up on us doesn't it? Ugh... I see my dr next week and I will definitely be telling him about this new experience.

  • I just held my granddaughter and my hands are tingling & my bicep is sore

  • Lee what type of nerve root injections did you have?

  • It sounds like OA of your shoulder. I have the same thing with my shoulders. An xray and ultrasound will confirm that. I had cortisone injection into the shoulder and that helped with pain and inflammation of the bursitis

    and tendonitis.It gives good relief for a few weeks. I have found doctors aren't keen to do shoulder replacements.

  • Def do. I didn't get the bone spurs yet, my c6 is actually bone on bone. It has shifted forward on one side, pinching the nerve. Keeping your posture straight as possible is one remedy. I had to rebuild my neck muscles from slouching. :(

  • Ya know, I have no freaking clue. I was just like, "FIX Me" lol

  • I can find out.

  • I have a lot of neck issues as well along with my collar bone that doesn't want to stay in place. My chiropractor threatened to put me in traction for a while to force things to stay put until my muscles strengthened enough to keep it in place. Fortunately I didn't have to do that. I'm going to my rheumatologist with a lot more information next week because I have been doing some research. Hoping we can get some answers.

  • Good luck!! Stay pro active. :)