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  • Welcome Daniele. Stress always makes me worse. My hands also crack and bleed every winter no matter what I use on them.

  • I have been having this happen to hands and feet since childhood ! Never new why and cold yes makes mine worse ! I live in Oregon so I stay in or dress warm

  • Welcome to our family

  • Welcome! Yes, stress sets me off for sure. Food I suspect is different for each person. I find that avoiding wheat and corn helps me maintain a little better control overall. I love baked goods, so I just try to eat less since I can't give it up. I have heard that some people find certain nuts may set them off. I recommend trying things out yourself, drop one item (wheat or nuts or whatever) from your diet for 4 to 6 weeks and see if you feel better. It can help to keep a diary of symptoms.

  • welcome! the admins and others here are very knowledgeable..Just ask!

  • "We seem such a greath family !" this is the first thing i thought. thank you all

    I recognize now, most of my beliefs are not just suppositions, i will try out all your suggests and take a look at your shared file also.

    I see i am not the only one with the "cracked hands issue" but it seems there is nothing to do with. Then, i will try something and share it, if helpful news will come out !

    Thanks everyone, love you all

  • Welcome, Daniele Di Mauro! You've found your people.

  • Definitely stress and certain foods affect Behcet's for me. The cold hurts me, low pressure systems hurt. I'm sorry, Beautiful. We're here fir you!

  • My hands are a lot better these days but still tear and rip badly if I don't use high moisturising hand creams and smoother it on, favourite at the moment is Palmers coconut hand cream and any time I use oil I rub it into my hands too. Mine is partly old eczema which as a child would chap down to the bones in my knuckles. Used to have to use a lot of steroid creams on them but as I say best thing is to constantly moisturise and use moisturising gloves with lots of handcream at night. Also have suspected raynauds (not been overly bad while with my rheumatologist) trouble is my hands will also be extremely hot and almost blister on the palms when they do. Hope your doctors can get you on a good treatment plan and get you leading as good a life as possible xx

  • Welcome!!