Hello I posted recently about my severe cystic acne issue which cropped up in...

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  • Just found this article on histamine intolerance and calming mast cell activity last night! https://selfhacked.com/2014/08/01/deal-histamine/

  • Liver adds vitamin b12 to our bodies. The rest of the B's can be received with organic bee pollen.

    Once a week beef liver ingestion is recommended.

    Have you used DE topical?

  • Thanks! I didn't think about the B12 angle! I've used DE topical a few times, but mostly I've done clay. It doesn't seem to do much (the only topical stuff that does something so far are jojoba or argan oil and benzoyl peroxide). Maybe I should revisit that..

  • Yeah and it's active that way. Plenty of vitamin B supplements aren't active, so it's hard for people with certain genetic makeups to absorb. You can find active ones if you look closely at labels.

  • Cystic acne totally sucks. Mine's hereditary. The adrenal cocktail is what helped mine. It was amazeballs. I literally felt my skin change shortly after the first time I took it.

  • Grace Parker I need to try that. What is the cocktail?

  • cystic acne can be caused by bartonella.

  • Like you I've noticed that liver really helps my acne and periods too. It doesn't seem to be the B vitamins specifically (I've also tried supplementing all of those in active form without seeing the same benefits as with liver). I didn't see any improvements with the green pastures FCLO which is supposed to supply sufficient retinol. I've also tried supplementing with ALA and ALCAR and not seen the same benefits. Oysters don't seem to work, and they have more copper than liver. I also take zinc, magnesium, iodine, D, C and a few others too. Sugar and most grains flare me up. I noticed treating SIBO with herbals and healing my gut a bit have also helped. Wish I could work out what it is in the liver.

  • Hormones can be the cause. Does this happen before your menses? Do you get them along the jaw line and back area. If so, undiagnsosed hypothyroidism can cause the issue.

  • Sorry it took so long to get back to you!