Hello I am a new member to this group I am currently taking 1 month of...

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  • Joanne! Hi! This is Barb from high school! Sorry to see you on this facebook group, but great to connect with you! Two of my children have been in lyme treatment for three years. Unfortunately, it is a long process. They have taken a combination of antibiotics and herbal treatments throughout their treatment.

  • Hi Barb! I always wondered what happened to you! I'll send you a pm!

  • And as your friend relates treatment above not all mainstream doctors agree with the necessary treatment, very few in fact. We have been near and far with this with our 3 kids including the Mayo Clinic and most of the time are looked at like we are crazy for pressing forward with the Lyme diagnosis which once you see a Lyme literate practitioner typically becomes more than just Lyme. My kids have a host of viruses, Bartonella, anaplasmosis and mycoplasma pneumonia just to name a few! If you feel better after the 1 month treatment you are lucky if you don't then you need a Lyme literate practitioner--- not cheap typically not covers by insurance. It's been awful and eye opening. I work in healthcare and see the affects of still undiagnosed vector born illness so get treated if you are able.

  • I would encourage you to seek out a Lyme Literate MD. Mainstream docs follow IDSA guidelines which do not treat Lyme and co-infections properly. Check out ILADS for a list of LLMDs. Best of luck to you.

  • Joanne, if you're lucky, 1 month could do it. The last time I was infected, 1 month definitely did not get rid of my symptoms, they returned in strength. If your doctor is telling you that it is okay for you to have symptoms after your antibiotics conclude, he is dangerous, ignorant and untrustworthy on Lyme disease. The International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) recommends two months if a person was very recently infected. However, people who were infected months to years previously often require much longer treatment to return to health. The website of the Lyme Disease Association has a physician locator you can use.

  • Thank you! I sent a request a few days ago but haven't heard anything yet. Maybe things are slow because of the holiday.

  • It seems like maybe when it's caught early, one month is enough, but if it's chronic, more is needed (?). I've had symptoms for over a year. Also, I had the same thoughts about still having symptoms after finishing the antibiotic--didn't make sense to me, either!

  • Joanne, I know people who claim they were cleared of all symptoms after a month, but I'm sceptical. After my first infection, I was treated inadequately (10 days once, then a repeat when symptoms returned). My symptoms went away, but six months later I developed some different symptoms that weren't correctly diagnosed for 15 years. What do you mean you sent a request? The LDA website has an immediate response on their Physician locater webpage. The Lyme Disease Association of South Eastern PA has a phone number listed you can call.

  • Thank you. I submitted a request to ILADS and have not heard back. I see that I created an account with the LDA but I'm not sure that I received the confirmation email, so I'll look back through that. I think I have to create an account, accept the confirmation email, then log back in on their site, so I will look at that again tonight. I sent emails to the LDA of South Eastern PA and the Cecil County LDA (I'm in Cecil Co.). I heard back from the person from Cecil Co today and she recommended calling the SE PA group, so I will do that tomorrow.

  • Thank you for the reminder about LDA. Their message went into my spam folder (which is odd since this doesn't happen very often), so I was able to activate my account and then get a list of names. Thank you!