hello fellow Lyme sufferers my name is Keshia Warren and I ve had Lyme Disease...

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  • Kerry is great to have as a friend and you can add me as a friend too if you like. I don't have 4k fake friends, so if I can, I'll probably respond... :) Also, my family and Docs think I got Lyme in 1982-83 as a 5-6 y/o, so I can't identify with all of the mental and physical garbage we must wade through at times. Welcome to the group!

  • Hi Keshia! Kerry was diagnosed in 2009 but traced back to 2006. We are here to support you! Kerry has her ups and downs so she's not always on here. I try to but taking care of her and working is a full time job for me.

  • How is the Jemsek Clinic anyway? We travel downstate, close to NYC for her lyme doc. It's a long day trip for us but.... there's nothing here!

  • the Jemsek Clinic is great! obviously insurance won't cover it, but the doctors, nurses.. everyone there is absolutely amazing and they truly care.. I'm no where near D.C. or NY, so we just picked what was closest and I'm glad we ended up where we are :)

  • Insurance is the same issue here as well! Yes, NY is much further than DC. I am glad you found a place!

  • Were always here to support our fellow lymies

  • Bonnie did you check out the link I sent you on the acidolophis?

  • I been buisy i will after work k