Hello everyone I was diagnosed with Costo after experiencing a sudden onset of...

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  • I am trying very hard to maintain a positive attitude about this as I know it could be worse...and it is somewhat managable, but I am wondering what is to come? IMy pain is always present, although I can dull it enough to function most of the time. Recently I have notice sudden extreme debilitating pain though which causes me to have to stop everything, rest and apply heat. I have already had to avoid helping care for grandkids on occasion due to flares and struggle with work. I am glad to have come across this site and look forward to sharing ideas and having a place to turn to to vent with people who truly understand...THANK YOU!!!!

  • Find a knowledgeable acupuncturist on this condition. The needles straight into the hot spots (e.g. around third rib and left shoulder) completely dissipated the pain for me over a few weeks. Needles much less better than Costo.

  • Thank you, Anthony...the problem lies in "knowledgeable acupuncturiest" as I live in a rual area of Nebraska. This just isn't a realistic or affordable option for me...but thank you anyway! I do know they can work wonders!