Hello everyone I m sorry this is so long but I hope you will read it I really...

I know I have chronic plantar-fasciitis, but this pain is different. It's the worst on hard surfaces. For example, I can only tolerate showering for 5-10 minutes before my feet hurt so bad that I have to sit down to finish a shower. I can't wear any shoes that my orthotics don't fit it, I can't go to shows/events where people are standing because I just can't stand for that long. I can't stand at all without pain, let alone for an extended period of time.

I've been trying to find an answer for this pain for over 13 years... and I'm really just looking for anyone who might have a similar experience, or any ideas about what this might be? I have pedal papules on both heels and palms of my hands if that helps with anything, and I have bunions forming on my pinky toes and big toes of both feet. I also have a bone on the outside middle of my foot that is starting to protrude more and more as I get older on both feet.

Thank you all for any help!

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  • Paige Odden, if you truly have EDS, the likelihood of having dysautonomia (commonly POTS), or other comorbidities may also be causing some of your symptoms. I would suggest functional imaging, xrays/mri with you standing, even if it hurts. Imaging without the conditions that cause pain is useless....

  • Yeah I had MRI's on both feet laying down, so I felt like that was pretty pointless since my feet don't hurt laying down lol

  • Without weight on feet, you don't see the spread that's likely causing your pain. Ask doctor about that.

  • My geneticist caught it just looking at my feet standing up.

  • Caught what? EDS in your feet?

  • My podiatrist took x-rays, weight bearing......He found that I have my navicular bone slightly out of place causing most of my pain in that foot. He also said my hyper mobility makes it especially important to only wear good tennis shoes with orthotics to support my feet. NEVER WEAR HIGH HEELS.

  • I can't wear them... I've been made fun of for years as the friend who "goes out" in tennis shoes lol it's just a nightmare of pain if I try

  • I have excruciating pain. But my MRI showed lots. I have moderate to severe neuropathy along the outside nerve on my leg into my two smallest toes. Severe plantar fasciitis (10mm) and one side is torn. Heel spurs. Stress fractures and severe marrow edema on both heels. And because of the pain I walk on the outside (a huge No no with EDS), which causes massive issues in my ankles.

  • My son has alot of foot pain too... it somewhat presents like Planter-fascitis but it is not. He tried a Pediatrist that just gave him an Xray and said there was nothing wrong with his foot. He then went to physical therapy and they did everything they could think of but nothing helped (it was the therapist that told us it wasnt Planter-fascitis)... He is now being sent to a Cartiologist. a Neurologist, and a Rheumetologist.

  • So let me begin by saying that the feet are the root of all evil and the start of systemic dysfunction. If your feet are off, so will the rest of your body. Once you fix the feet, the other problems will begin to correct themselves. I personally have overactive nerves in my feet and need to be actively doing things to offset the pain. Have you tried reflexology? Chiropractic care for the feet? Going with barefoot shoes? Your insoles need to strengthen in order to hold the bones in place, and even then they still slip, so they need to be reset. I see a chiro once a week to adjust my feet as well as other aspects of the body (reset ribs, cervical instability, etc.). Then, I get shoes geared more towards barefoot walking. I personally use paleo barefoot by gostposh because they provide acupressure of the feet while I'm standing to alleviate the pain. Reflexology of the feet do help for foot and muscle spasms involved in everyday walking and weightbearing, and if all that is still too much, you can always get a prescription for Lyrica (it treats overactive nerves for diabetic nerve pain and fibro sufferers, but it's pricey). If you need help with anything, please don't hesitate to reach out

  • I have been able to rotate my legs completely backwards (plus farther) since I was a baby. I can walk with one foot completely backwards, it was always a party trick . Doctors said id outgrow it... I never did, clearly.

    That outside middle of your foot bone is a bunions and they need to be surgically removed. They can cause tons of pain and all kinds of problems - you need to see a podiatrist ASAP

  • It could just be standing on your feet too long is too difficult for you? I have the same problem but I've broken a few parts of my feet before so I'm guessing part of it didn't heal right? It could also be the blood pooling in your feet causing it to swell and then it hurts even more?

  • EDS everywhere, but the effects on my feet.