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  • I had a cortisone in my shoulder feels better

  • I have OA in both my shoulders to the point they need to be replaced. I also have cervical OA. Plus in the rest of my spine both feet hands. Have had my both knees replaced and it's in my right hip. I usually do shots get some relief from them but can't do them often because I'm diabetic and the shots give me a horrible headache and pushes my sugars way up. I just try to stay with the pain killers they give me. I was told also not to take ibuprofen because it mess with the kidneys which is connected to high blood pressure.

  • I have multiple rental arteries , and rental arteries stenosis and they have given me ibuprofen

  • I have shoulder pain from a break I had and now arthritis is in shoulder.. I use Ben gay and just keep moving it

  • Thank you for replying. I went to bed early like 7 pm last night after taking bunch of pain killers and woke up with knee pain. It never ends. I hate this degenerated disease and all the pain.

  • I had a corisone injection in my shoulder last tuesday, got to say that it has really helped with the pain. Unbroken sleep for the last 4 nights.

  • cortisone shots do help

  • DDD is degenerative disk disease- Osteoarthritis. Yes I have awful shoulder pain and have physical therapy exercises to strengthen support muscles around the joints and sleep a certain (1) way and stretches or else I'd have jumped a cliff years ago.

  • I do acupuncture and it helps and Gabapentin helps tolerate the pain but without pain pills it's very difficult.

  • I'm on Norco and 3 other meds. Before I take a Norco I take a hot bath and rub a salve I made with cayeene pepper, tumeric , Arnica on my neck , knees wherever I'm hurting and my pain is tolerable at that point .

  • I have injections in my shoulders 9 monthly and reflexology every week.