Hello all I ve just joined as I have a 22month old little girl who was...

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  • Hi Catriona, I just wanted to say I completely understand how you are feeling.

    My son started walking 2 weeks ago.. He is 33 months.

    He didn't sit until 10.5 months, he crawled at 21 months, he pulled up to standing at 24 months and took his first couple steps at 30 months.

    We were worried, he had many tests but they said it is due to his hyper mobility. When he stands, his knees overextend and he just didn't have the strength to hold his own weight. He's been having physio for the past year and been wearing orthopaedic boots/shoes to help stabilise his ankles. I've found it takes a long time for him to move to the next milestone but he is getting there.

  • Is she standing or crawling yet?

  • My little boy used a walking frame to learn to walk about 27 months old and walked alone at 33 months old he was late in everything still is now we found boots to support his ankles best for him promise she'll get there it's horrible coz u don't think they'll ever walk but they do xx

  • My daughter had several xrays that showed nothing yet it was painful for her to walk. The ortho doc said xray won't show joint problems thats a ct scan and he wouldn't order it. Took three more years to get her a diagnosis. If ortho does nothing try rheumatology.

  • Thanks ladies. Its very worrying. She crawled at 11 months and never properly pulled herself up til she was 14/15 months. She can climb the stairs and climb up ob things but will not take any steps except when u hold her hands or she is with her push along! When she walks her legs are like jelly and her knees turn in and her ankles cave inwards!!! She is due to see the orthopedic doc in 3 weeks but just wondering what to expect?

  • It's great that she is crawling and standing and it does sound like she can weight bear if she can walk with a push along ☺️Our orthopaedic surgeon checked the alignment of the hips, legs, knees, feet and assessed the degree of hypermobility. He referred us to physio as my son had low muscle tone and he said that is key to get moving. He said at the time he was willing to wait until my son was 3 before further investigating as apparently it can take that extra time for muscles to develop but he was very reassuring that although delayed, it was normal for his condition.

    Physio fitted him with orthopaedic shoes and went through exercises to help his core strength and leg strength (he wasn't standing when we went). Hope this helps a little..

  • Thanks so much Lianne. The physio just assesses how she gets about and gives me excercises to do with her. She suggested I buy her boots but she has small feet 31/2 & im not sure what kind to buy. Hopefully the orthopedic doc will be able to advise a bit better on those things...thanks for your help :)

  • My son was a size 3 when they first fitted him - apparently that's the smallest they go.. The orthopaedic boots he has are from here https://www.piedro-uk.co.uk/ but he has them supplied through the NHS which the orthopaedic team should be able to sort out - they are more structured than normal shoes and boots and I definitely think they have helped

  • Hi, I have a 15 month old daughter. She didn't crawl till 12 months & is not pulling herself up yet. Who was it that diagnosed her hypermobility? We have been under a physio since 10 months old and she does the same as yours.. just checks on her progress and gives exercises. She has no strength in her legs at all. She was given orthopaedic boots from the physio in a size 1 (she also has tiny feet)... I do sometimes wonder if hypermobility & small feet are linked as it seems a lot have small feet!

    Sorry I don't have any advice really but wanted to say I understand what you are going through x