Having a rough day and needing some input Kaileigh had her 6th infusion of...

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  • My son felt the same way when his biologics were failing. Once he started a new treatment that worked, he was back to almost normal. He is on Remicade now and doing well. Just keep fighting for her, if you have to travel or whatever. I am not familiar with the osteopenia.

  • I am not familiar with osteopenia but feel your frustration... My daughter is 13, lives in the bedroom too. It's tough when the meds aren't working, we started Humira in April, increasing dose to weekly in the hope of improvement. She has so many affected joints she struggles on like a champ.I hope that your daughter improves and gets some relief from pain. Have you tried soaking in Epsom salts... Alannah really finds it helps her and soaks daily for at least 20 mins. Might be worth a try.

  • Bridget - we have not tried Epson salt baths but certainly will tomorrow! Thanks for the suggestion

    Jackie- where we live we have access to the pool. She wouldn't go over summer bc kids her age were there and she was embarrassed bc she has put on so much weight from previous medicines. Now that school is back in, I'm going to get her back in the routine of going during school hours.

  • Kaileigh would love to volunteer. She wanted to volunteer at a no-kill pet shelter, but I am worried about the germs and her getting sick.