having a pity party. this too shall pass. but i feel the need to get it out

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  • If you were closer, we'd be hanging out for sure. Hugs

  • its like stuff is purposely planned that my kids cant go to so its like wth. and im at home with the kids by myself or taking the kids to the park for several hours by myself.

  • i just want to cry right now but wont cry in front of the kids. so i m using my stuffy nose and allergies to mask the sniffles and watery eyes.

  • Maybe you can trade off with other mothers in order to get out and do grown-up things on a regular basis. There are a lot of groups/clubs available like that.

  • I stayed home a lot when my children were younger because I was invited places and THEY weren't! It will all work out for the best in the end because the greatest gift you can give your children is your time.

  • I feel for you, sweetie. Sometimes people just don't want children around. I get both stances. Maybe you could do these fun things once in a while and leave the kids with Mike for a while? are these activities for adults only? If they're activities for kids and adults why can't the kids go? I'm just not clear on what was planned???

  • I'm never invited to stuff, mike will be. I'm never even considered. There's been Monster truck events, motorcycle events, etc and kids are allowed.

  • Tiff, if MIke is invited then YOU are invited. you are his wife. Now a days people don't give formal invites. If you want to go then go. It's that simple

  • I didnt have any friends here at all after I had Kyra....and then I started taking her mother's day out which is kind of like a huge play day for Kyra 2 times a week...they always were having events that the parents would go to....birthday parties...and I've met some wonderful parents that way...They had a Mommy/Daughter spa day last year and it was amazing....great way to meet young parents