Have had a day when there has been excruciating nerve pain from my hip bones...

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  • I am not an expert in anyway. My physio told me about deferd pain - so it may be your back but its coming 'out' on your hip. Sorry to hear you are in such pain Veronica and get your doctor to have a look? Best wishes.

  • It's all very confusing. When I originally had the lower back hernia operation - where they found quite a mess apparently - the idea was to alleviate nerve pain going down my right leg. If anything, the pain since my op has got worse. And then I learned that the MRI showed a bit was still there! Think at some stage will have to see the neurosurgeon to find out what is going on. Have to consult him about a pending neck hernia op too. All this getting quite scary and it's nice to be able to share it on here.


  • I thought the pain down my right leg was from my back but when I last saw the spinal specialist he had an xray done of my right hip and then showed me where my right hip is now bone on bone etc and that this is probably causing the pain down the leg. So to be on the safe side ask if they will xray the hip to rule it out. At least with OA in a hip you can get a replacement.

  • Thanks Helen will mention that next time. What you say makes sense so will wait for my next appointment. Linda, I hope so too! Exchanging info and ideas makes it easier when it comes to next seeing the specialist.

  • I think if they could figure out how that nerve pain starts, and bottle it, it could be the worse torture ever for prisoners ,LOL it is the most uncomfortable thing in the world.

  • Just took my hubby to the doctor and whilst there I mentioned my nerve pain in the legs. He had a couple of letters which I handed over from the hospital and said it is hardly surprising since there is still hernia left in the op site and that is what is the cause. See another operation looming.