Have any of you had to see a hematologist and or get a a triple bone scan...

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  • WG/GPA 2013. I had bone scan and take Alendronate every week since that scan.

  • MPA/MOA/'14. I saw a hematologist for a few months because of my anemia. He also just checked my blood, but I was getting better. He released me from his care on Jan. I did not have a scan. In remission.

  • I have been seeing a hematologist for six years for anemia. Used to need three iron pills a day and now down to one. Many forms of vasculitis can cause anemia.

  • The hematologist explained that Vasculitis causes the bone marrow to be unable to produce hemoglobin hence the anemia.

  • I'm seeing him for WBC but other than that I don't know. Just like to be prepared for my appointments and idk what to do or ask or say

  • When I saw mine, I didn't know either. He told be up front that he had never had a patient with Vasculitis, and didn't know very much about it, then went on to tell me quite a lot!

  • ANCA vasculitis. dx 12/14 ANCA can also cause anemia. There are also bone marrow suppression problems caused by the meds. I take Ferrex iron 2x a day. I saw a hematologist when I was in the hospital, but not since then.

  • Thanks guys this is interesting. My whole life I have been anemic.... Until this past year and then I got a dx of vasculitis... Hopefully he is helpful :)

  • I saw a hematologist.. because I had anemia (suddenly)- He gave me intravenous. I also had positive pANCA. I said "Isn't that something to be concerned about?"

  • I should add that I had two transfusions while in the hospital because of the anemia and low platelet count. The transfusions really helped.