Has anyone with a toddler found anything besides warm baths to help with joint...

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  • Castor oil packs

  • Warm massage with castor oil... On affected joints and tummy. I also used copiaba, thyme and peppermint essential oil diluted in the castor oil. Epsom salt baths are great ... You can add a drop of lavendar oil ( calming).

  • Thank you ladies for your help. I will pass on the info.

  • Salonpas - small menthol pads near the Bengay and Icy Hot products. Green box, usually bottom shelf. Also, has your friend received a power pack from the foundation with the micowaveable bear? If not, she can buy one (or a cat, dog or something else) on line. We find the heat in menthol and the bear works while Tylenol kicks in and if often enough just to get her moving.

  • She has not got a power pack yet. They are great though. I am trying to find info on how she can get her power pack in Mississippi. I do know it's call S.A.K there and not power pack. So if any from MS knows that info please let know.

  • She probably has to sign up for the local arthritis registry through her Rhuematologist. That's how the SAK program started here. I think MS is part of the southern region now, so it would be the same process. (I'm in Georgia). Ayana Charleston is the youth contact for the Southern Region. But she shouldn't wait - just order on line or go to a spa store or something $25 - $40 for the bear. Try spacomforts.com - not sure they still exist, but this is where the bear that inspired the SAK bear came from.

  • I use doterra deep blue rub on my 3 yr old. She didn't love it initially but she got the hint that it really helped her feel better in the areas I used it on. Mainly knees ankles and wrists.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz, yes we are in Alabama and ours is the SAK PROGRAM. I looked on the MS site it doesn't have a link to sign up for a SAK though.

  • I use Young Loving essential oils. One drop of Panaway mixed with a teaspoon of coconut oil and rubbed on the joint takes the pain away.

  • FYI - our Bed Bath & Beyond had the microwavable heated animals. They were less than $20, but they were smaller than the bear that comes in the pack from the Arthritis Foundation.