Has anyone who has lupus been diagnosed with having cancer also The cancer is...

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  • So sorry about the cancer. Hope others here can help. <3

  • I'm so sorry hope you feel better soon and I hope you have a good emotional support

  • My grandmother had lupus then got breast cancer. My aunt says she's almost certain its from all the medication she was on for the lupus, but this was in the 1970's my aunt says the doctors used her as a guinea pig with all the meds and stuff. :/

  • Yes, I was. Feel free to friend me and we can write privately.

  • I am a 3.5 year breast cancer survivor with lupus. I think our wacked out immune system can make us more susceptible to illnesses and maybe turn genes on that might not otherwise turn on. That's probably not the way to describe that LOL. I also had a huge family history of bc though so who knows. I asked this question in another group and got a lot of yes answers. But that's so not a good thing to go by, way to many variables!