Has anyone tried some of the advertisements I ve been seeing here on Facebook

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  • Used plated for a while. They send all the ingredients minus salt pepper eggs etc.

    Everything is premeasured and packaged with labels for you. One meal will serve two people. It normally takes thirty minutes prep to table. Good food. Good easy to follow recipes. Kids didn't like it as well as the adults did though.

  • What did you think of it did you like it was it worth the money. Currently I have two different things that I make so I don't have much variety.

  • The blue apron just sends you the supplies. You still have to prep and cook them.

  • Sancho Villa we loved it. Worth the money yes! Great way to try new things. You only have to order two meals a week. You get it choose what they are from the list.

  • I get meals from GA Foods. They deliver two weeks of frozen meals to via their own driver who is trained and cleared to bring my meals in and put them in my freezer. They have many options and they aren't bad tasting.