Has anyone tried Melatonin to help them sleep I saw my rheumie last week and...

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  • There use to be an article floating around facebook at it and using it with autoimmmune disease. I will try to find it

  • http://www.hopkinslupus.org/lupus-info/lifestyle-a dditional-information/avoid/ here is one article try googling it you can find more.

  • I take clonozepam. Its awesome

  • Melatonin isgreatiinsomnia is extremely bad for me to

  • I heard its bad all around

  • Gave me heartburn

  • I use Benadryl when tired but can't sleep. Sometimes it makes me grumpy (hangover) the next morning for a while, but worth it to sleep.

  • I have tried everything for sleep. I can stay up days at a time but be so exhausted. Makes no sense. No sleep studies because if they want me to sleep, they know I wont. Exhausting to say the least

  • I use tranquil sleep..has mention in it..

  • Start with 3mg