Has anyone taken tinidazole alongside BVT for a new bite Are there any...

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  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz you can pulse dose it for 3 days and then have a break.

    See if that helps. Xx

  • Personally I would choose a combination of minocycline and tinidizole for a new bite I was highly suspicious of re-infecting me.

  • That's antibiotic is the devil. I hated it. Not been the same since

  • Thanks so much for the advice Fran Toler and so bloody sorry Alicia Gbur! This lyme is just a complicated bloody nightmare lol!

  • If its a new bite, I would sting around the bite, and take some doxy, did you sting around the new bite that is your best bet of getting at anything it may have given you,

  • I did sting around it takes Ellie Lobel :-) tried the doxy but gut couldn't handle it unfortunately

  • At one point I pulsed Tindamax MWF for 2 weeks while doing BVT @10 stings. I didn't herx any harder on it. Doxy, on the other hand, landed me in the hospital from a seizure and dysautonomia. The doxy was pre-BVT though.

  • So interesting to hear that Melisa thanks for the info :-) and so sorry you went through it with the doxy-have to say the herx was incredible lol! Couldn't move with the pain! I'm trying a third abx at the mo so fingers crossed

  • Yeah, I still kinda wonder if it was an "allergy". I mean, I know it wasn't a histamine response- but whatever it was my body was not having it at all.

    I haven't had a herx like that from BVT, Stevia, Banderol, Samento, Tindamax, or Ivermectin... But doxy knocked my socks off! I don't get it but I'm sure not ever taking it again.

  • I have heard this before about doxy, some have a bad reaction to it, hang in there somethings going to help,happy you stung around it right away. Dont need a new infection for sure

  • Thanks Ellie Lobel

  • Yep, me neither! I did react badly to samento but that was mainly neuro herxing, the doxy was head to toe herxing! I haven't herxes all that badly on BVT at all really, except for at the very beginning but it felt v different to a drug herx!