Has anyone had issues with planter warts Dalton all of a sudden got one in...

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  • No but Ciara has issues with her feet cracking. She always has at least one on her feet no matter what we do.

  • I had those as a kid, and my sister did too. They were really painful to treat. We had to put acid on them and protect the surrounding skin with Vaseline. Is that still how they are treated?

  • They froze Dalton's wart today & they may need to repeat in 2 weeks. Dr didn't see anymore so I'm crossing fingers no more grow

  • Tons....and it seems to intregue all the docs. So here is what works...ready....apple cider vinegar soaked on cotton and placed with a bandaide...smelly but works

  • actually i remember aiden having 2 just a little while after being diagnosed. i didnt see any correlation at the time.but hasnt had any since

  • Brooke has a big ugly wart on one of her little toes. It hurts really bad. Her rheumy said she's not surprised because of the immune suppression. @ Shelli...what did the doc do for it?

  • Avery just showed them to the Dr today, I didn't know he had them.

  • I got a couple on my foot and they spread to my palms like wild fire. They wouldn't stop for months!! and treatments would make then grow bigger! Once I quit cleaning the yoga studio for free yoga they were gone within 2 weeks. The whole time I had them fretted about Beverly catching them... or even Bruce. Nobody but me got them. Go figure. I friggen miss my hot yoga, what a mega stress reducer... but not those blasted warts! They hurt!