Has anyone else had their child ask if they are dying. Or going to die

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  • How old is he? I know you are associating this with his symptoms but at a certain age kids get an understanding of morality and some can become obsessed about death and this is considered a normal development stage. If you think it's more than that and you think it might need addressing professionally then maybe depending again on his age something like play therapy is very good for helping kids work through their fears and giving them coping skills to deal with their anxieties before they get over whelmed by them.

  • My son has an irrational fear of dying, he's 7 now it started about a year ago, he feels faint and nearly passes out if I talk about his body, his condition, him being poorly anything like that, he has just been diagnosed autistic aswell so the psychologist said it could be to do with that but more likely developed the fear as he's had so much intervention since a very young age, so many appointments and being ill it makes them think about death more than the average child xx

  • He is going to be 11. I finally just got him into a recreational group at the children center, that has a few kids like him. He feels alone as well. Ive talked about councling as well but he doesnt want to do it. Hes very socially awkward so trying to get himnto hang out with people is hard because he knows hes different now. Hes very sensitive when it comes to everythinf. But he was hit with everything origionally the drs thiught he had muscular dystrophy for 3 years. So finding out this a few months ago was a shock to everyones system. Since his dr flat outnsaid with him in the room that this is his life he will never be able to do anything or even work a normal job play sports any of it. So he was hit hard with negative from the dr.

  • I seriously don't understand doctors thinking sometimes. How can he say that this is life for the next 70/80 years. What about medical advancements etc. To take away hope like that in one statement is so rash and wrong. He may be a little old for play therapy but there may be other forms of therapy like music, art, or mindfulness therapy etc that don't work like traditional talk therapies but give him an outlet or skills to cope with his feelings. You don't have to name it as therapy or counselling just a fun activity he could take part in and it naturally progresses at his pace.

  • Thats what im hoping the rec group w8ith other kids will do. It was absolutly mind blasting. When the dr said that. We keep teling him he can do what ever he puts his mind to. If he wants to he will achive.