Has anyone else been diagnosed with Vit D deficiency My PCP ran blood work a...

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  • my doc doesn't even look. I am scheduled to have it looked at by my endocrinologist with my next blood work though

  • I do too. I blame everything on the prednisone

  • They automatically put me on it because of the side effects of the drugs. My levels are now normal to high. It is good that they checked.

  • Vit D deficiency is in the news a lot these days - seems everyone's deficient. I hope it's resolved for you quickly Sue.

  • Yes Cyndi, that's why I was wondering if it was for real or just the "flavor of the day". I got further results though ... I wanted specifics! A normal range is 32 - 100 and mine is 17, so I guess I really do need the supplements.

  • I'd say you need some. I know as we get older we get depleted and then add in our meds and our general condition and I would say we are more at risk. I take a daily just to be on the safe side.

  • Yes, I've been Chronic Vit D deficient since (and prob before) diagnosis. I've noticed this a lot with other Weggie's on the list serve I belong to...I was told people with Auto Immune issues suffer from Vit D deficiency quite commonly.

  • my doctor put me on 1000 IU because up here in Oregon we don't get the sun like other states :( it rains all the darn time. I was a little low to begin with, but he wanted me to start now so I didn't get down any farther.