has anybody had a medial branch neurotomy My pain dr osteopath suggested I may...

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  • Yup. Just had my 3rd this morning. I'm really groggy. If you want to contact me with questions. Feel free. I've had c5/6 right, then c5/6 left, today I had c 3/4 left. Next c3/4 right. I highly recommend if nerve pain is an issue, but it will not take care of other issues. Drop me a line. Going to ice a bit and try to nap.

  • Btw. Good timing ;)

  • Apparently the healing process went okay...?

  • I would like to know more about this. I will have to look it up I perhaps you could message me your number and I will call you Tamara S Markgraf. I have daily migraines that stem from my neck area. However, I also have a large vascular tumor in my hand and have had my ulnar nerve replaced in my right hand, thus crabby nerve pain which Exacerbates the nerve pain symptoms and headaches. It's such a vicious cycle. I am seeing my neurologist in a few weeks and I will talk with him about that procedure, though I doubt he will consider me a candidate. I'm okay with his decision; as I truly trust him. Thanks for sharing this idea however. Can't hurt to look into it!

  • I would say this has been a god send for me!!! If I could opt to do this for every pain I have, I'd be there the same day, no questions asked. The doc I go to scared me. I was sooooo worried, but even the nurses who call and check on me are amazed at the difference, even within hours. The only way I can rationalize it is that I have been in such horrible, horrible, horrible pain, for so long, that when my body gets a break, it doesn't care how it happened.

    I have had ZERO pain with healing, when you compare it to the day to day chronic living condition. I go home, Ice, snooze, and MY GOD, I slept last night without my neck waking me up, my left ear didn't burn if my pillow touched it, I was up till 2am, my normal screwed up schedule, but I feel better rested today then I have in.., I don't know how long!

    Okay. The little roller coasters of the treatment (that I have to remind myself.)

    -When it's done they use numming agents, and I usually feel AMAZING for 3-4 days. Then there is a day that I'm a bit more sore. The joints were screwed with, and you feel it. But it's nothing ice can't deal with, it sucks after feeling amazing for 3 days.

    -They use a touch of steroid for swelling as well, so this also helps you feel like superwoman, and wears off after 10-14 days.

    The above is just an honest side note from experience. The ironic thing is they offer to send you home with pain meds, but with people who really, really need it done, and were in so much pain prior to sedation, I cannot believe that the pain being caused is an issue. It's the opposite for me!

  • Is it something they have to repeat and repeat or is it just a few times process & then you're done?

  • Btw, the docs I went to at UW Heath tried to talk me out of it. I'm so glad I took the chance. I go to Advanced Pain Management and the doc there said its a no brainier. He was so right!!!

    I have more news for you all on the UW Health front. I'll get back to you, but your not going to believe it. The overcharges are blatant, and a have proof. I have a day full of phone calls to make, but if any of you get bills from multiple facilities from the same visit, be sure to watch what your paying :(

  • The nerves can regenerate, but what I've been told, and read is each person is different. Nerves may regrow in 1 year or 3, or more, necessitating a redo. However, most people don't need it done more than 2 or 3 times if they do at all. The whole point in doing this is pain relief, and avoiding an invasive surgery.

    My father had a Laminectomy which is the mainstream alternative. The Surgeons took one look at me and said "HELL NO, too young, but it's only a matter of time..."

    I was a bit opposed to waiting till I'm age appropriate for the clinic, and in the mean time suffering because of neck, shoulder, back, and wrist pain. I'm still working on the wrist pain. Speaking of which, is demanding attention right now :(