has any of the doctors that we know of labeled DDSG as an auto immune disorder

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  • No, not yet at least.

  • I'm thinking it is. Has to be. Just probably hasn't been labeled yet. I think it's more than connective tissue. When I feel it in one spot I feel it in several at the same time.

  • We posted a blog post article from Dr Eaton about that a few weeks ago. Looks like it is not.

  • < YET > :)

  • I have several autoimmune conditions ..I too wonder if it could be another one..even though science says no!

  • Interesting. Thank you Leslie. I do find it interesting that they are talking about something very similar to antibodies, but these do not attack cells. Sounds like if they found the item in the blood stream causing the issue they could come up with something to combat it. UGH!

  • Really interesting article Leslie. Thank you again for the enlightenment.