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  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz: How did your schol respond to the the "L" word?Pamela Weintruab described in her book "Cure Unknown" how she had to have the disease labled in order to get help from school for her sons. It seemed that if the diagnosis "Lyme disease" was used, the school resisted, but if the symptoms were described without the "L" word, then they were willing to help.

  • that is awesome! i still cant get any of my drs to write lyme down even though they know what it is. we just use fibro/cfs. love your omment about 'lymes' you rack me up!

  • *crack* not 'rack' ;)

  • This is actually for my husband Janet, although for a while it was like another son. I was so happy too Salina.