Had a great first phone consultation with my new LLMD after my initial visit in...

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  • I pray all is well...the NSAIDs may be causing the bleeding :(

  • Yes - he took me off that immediately and said to call G.I. doctor today!

  • Actually I got my numbers confused. The normal range for hemoglobin is 11.3-15.2. But also my hematocrit is 30.5 when the range is 80.0-96.0.

  • Do you have Babisia? I say because it attacks your red blood cells. The MD told me that at my appointment this week.

  • what state do you ljve in that you have a good LLMD

  • I live in AL but my LLMD is in NY.

  • Prayers to you, my sweet friend

  • Hey Maureen! NSAID painkillers can mess up your stomach. They seem to want me on those rather than narcotics. Probably not anymore. I have zero Babesia symptoms right now except maybe the RBC. I treated Babesia 2-3 years ago. It might stick its ugly head back out - who knows. Dr. H. didn't seem to think I do but said it is possible. Endoscopy Monday morning 6:00 AM. I have a lot of stomach pain and digestive issues so I hope I can get this cleared up! This Lyme stuff just tears me up! I just pray it is nothing worse than an ulcer or something! Thanks for prayers! <3

  • Well maybe you'll be able to get narcotics. Vicodin takes away my pain and gives me energy. Do not feel drugged AT ALL! I think It's a phenomena with Lyme.

    Im glad you're having the endoscopy...6:00am?! Yikes! I'd have to stay up all night to make that appt.

    I'm sorry to here you've been having stomach pain and GI issues.