Had a bone scan. The OA lit it up like a 3 yr old decorated the Christmas tree

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  • You are very talented. :)

    I still attempt to garden.

  • Pain meds (except Tylenol & 1 narcotic we use after surgery), NSAIDs, & steroids either make me sick or I have an allergic reaction.

    Tylenol doesn't touch inflammation.

    I do take a med for the nerve damage.

    It doesn't leave many options.

    Lots of heat, ice, massage, TENS unit.

  • I also turn to Art--coloring!

  • I have had a huge garden for years until 3 yrs ago. Went to straw bale gardening so no knees. This year I won't put one in. I'm still relearning to walk.

  • I use to do colored pencil art. It's going to be awhile longer before I can draw and do pieces like this.

  • Happy you found a positive outlet for your pain. You have talent, keep up your good work

  • That is beautiful! It reminds me of my Momma.

  • I use to draw all the time. The 1st piece would of been a 20 min drawing. Now it's weeks long. The bird took 35hrs yrs to do.

    OA/ Fibro is having lots of fun with me the last year.

    Late January, OT therapist unknowingly put art supplies out and I used chalk, ink, and colored pencils to accomplish the task. He wasn't expecting that.

    I'm working back to art, but still can't sit very long. Partial paralysis, pain, & nerve damage sure screws up a lot of things!

  • How so?

  • Beautiful.

  • This growing old is for the birds. But I will say, thru these support group I am finding the most interesting women I have had the best time talking to. Like we are all in a big secret club. Lol so I am finding peace and information. I haven't had a panic attack in a week. I have costochondritis as well and it's pretty ugly in my chest w OA as well from a car accident years ago. I am 43 and my Dr. Told me I have the neck of an 80 yr old that wasn't what I wanted to hear. Lol. I have pinched nerves and the fybro and rheumatoid in my hands and toes. And it all just hit me when my neck pinched the nerves off in October last year. And now I can barely handle to fibro flares. Mostly in my chest.

    I hope you hang in there and keep drawing. It made me smile. Thank you.

  • Most pain meds. make me sick so they suggested Tramadol they said it was made different.

  • I try to crochet, knitting is a bit of a challenge. Portuguese knitting is a bit easier but every thing takes a long time to complete.

  • I have the same, I listen to music so I can sing to it and my mind is busy,although I'm hurting music fills my heart so I hurt but calm and at peace.

  • I'm not much older than you and the costochondritis landed last September. Soooo wasn't expecting that! The bone scan lit up at T5 & 11

    costovertebral junctions. Yes it feels like a heart attack.

    The T11 junction is really close to my right kidney which is only functioning at 20%. Had 3 stones the size of 50cent pieces and it's full of pea size stones with a 2cm one not blocking, but causes it to cramp. Man when they team up with the nerve damage, all bets are off.

    I had my 5th spinal fusion last Nov.... woke unable to feel from the waist down. I've been relearning to sit, walk with assistive devices, and be independent.

    It was nice to create art, it was a piece of normal.

    Glad it made you smile.

  • Music or Netflix plays when I'm in drawing mode.

  • My Mom and my Granny both have/had an infatuation with birds..My Mom is 74 with COPD so she doesn't get out much, I live with her and my lil family to take care of her. We have a window in our laundry room and she sits in there with the cats and watches the birds at her feeders (there are 4) She has taught me a lot about birds. Really all animals in general :)

  • I have beds every where for flowers and I have designated spots for my veggies in the spring. I have to get my son or hubby to do the dirt work now and they are raised beds that are extra high. The rest I do on my patio in planters. This year will just be Bell peppers, onions, tomato and cucumber. Flowers have always been more of my cup of tea.

  • What about Gabapentin or Lyrica? I don't know if they are appropriate for your health condition but it's something you might ask your doctor about.

  • The med I take for the nerve damage is Gralise, time release formula of gabapentin.

    Lyrica, hurts my stomach.

    Tramadol is actual a seizure med, and it gave me headaches like nothing else.

    If pain meds don't make me break out in allergic reactions, they make me physically hurt worse. 10yrs ago it wasn't an issue, but now the meds aren't always worth their particular cure.

    Dilauded is the only narcotic I can still take and it's basically legal heroine. So it is left for after surgery only.

  • I worked in my Father's lawn & landscaping business for almost 20 yrs. So around our house I have extensive beds with flowers, perennials, and 5,000 bulbs. Last year the family tended it.

    Food garden, I went from raised beds to straw bales 3 yrs. ago.

    My yields were always huge, but straw bales doubled it. We also have peach, Cherry, apple trees, raspberry & blueberry bushes.

    I've already got the spring planting itch, but this year things will lay fallow 1 more year. I want to enjoy my garden time, not be frustrated by it. Plus I need to be able to can & preserve what we yield. We can live on what's in food storage a couple more years.

  • Which brand of pencils/ markers do you use?

  • That is so sweet. My Grandma knew the birds personalities that came to her feeder.

    Birds aren't my 1st choice of subject, but I have an uncle who takes phenomenal Nat Geo quality photos. I prefer birds of prey. Eagles, falcons, and then wolves. It really comes down to if the topic makes me feel something.

  • My hat is off to you on crocheting. My hands won't let me do that one. I love the art form, but it literally immobilizes my wrists for days after doing 3 rows. I realized, sewing, knitting, crocheting are going to be the things I don't do in life.

  • Wow , I'm hate to here that . I am not taking anything yet . I go Friday . This is all new to me . I hope u feel better . Love your art work !

  • I hope you get answers Friday.

  • TY !

  • What did doc say?