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  • Ela: bad allergist. Milk allergies DO exist - my brother is deathly allergic to milk. He has had hotdogs literally everywhere, without a problem. We were on the top of one of the White mountains in NH last summer, he ordered a hot dog without checking the ingredients, and ate half of it before he realized he was having a hive and throat swelling reaction. While he dealt with the reaction, my mom got an ingredient list from the cafe - it turned out there was cheese in the hotdog. He thought benedryl was enough to treat his reaction, but he ended up in an ER being treated for anaphylectic shock within a couple of hours.

    You may also have an allergy to oats - it's definitely possible.

  • Julia, I've broken in hives many times before! Last time I was eating sushi and broke into hives, they lasted a more than a week and my skin got scaly which my allergist said was weird because they're supposed to go away within a day or 2. I haven't done great with the whole dairy thing, I just don't know how to stop. I mean, I bought greek yogurt again!

  • Ela, when I was a young kid (2-4) I'd break out into hives that lasted MONTHS. We had an excellent allergist because my brother's allergic to far more than just milk (eggs, all legumes except soy, nuts, and fish). My dad's parents met at an allergist (both had food and environmental allergies) and were probably distantly related because their families were from the same part of Russia and Jews did a lot of interbreeding unfortunately. Anyway, I was tested for everything and we never figured out the cause. They eventually just stopped. I sincerely hope you figure out what's going on, and in the meantime, see a different allergist. I go to Dr. Hesterberg at MGH and he's very good, though my allergies and asthma are really under control so it's hard for me to judge how he'd deal with new allergies.

  • I am loving the paleo diet. The only dairy i kept is a bit of cheese but very aged asiago. I don't believe i have allergies to gluten, dairy or the chemical shitstorm that is in everything but i feel better. I do like coconut yogurt give it a try you might like it. The almond one was too weird for me.

  • So Delicious coconut yogurt is sooooo good. Mango Passion fruit is heaven! The greek yogurts are not so greek yogurty though.

  • is it high in fat? where can I find it? I went to Trader Joe's and Market Basket and didn't see it. Julia Breger Munro my allergist is doctor Wilson at MGH. Curious note, my mom told me when I was little I was allergic to eggs and pineapples. Apparently I would break out in hives and when I turned 19 it was shrimp (I always ate shrimp before). Laura Slipski Backus I've heard of the paleo but I sincerely don't know what it is exactly.

  • TJs has their own version that isn't as good as the So Delicious brand. I only go to Whole Foods otherwise, so you can definitely find it there, but I wouldn't know which other stores carry it. I would say no to high in fat, but you need to be the judge of that: ilk-yogurts

  • Ela, I was told by naturopath, Ayurvedic practitioner, and accupuncturist that we often crave exactly what we have sensitivities to and need to strictly avoid- it can be a vicious cycle: inflammation caused by the food we crave increases our distress and we relapse to eating the offending food. yes, it can be very difficult to fight the craving. feeling better can really be validating, however- reinforcing the effort put in to changing habits. I am lucky in that I can be pretty stubborn if I set my mind to something. I find that if I must give up something for x amoung of time in order to learn more about how my strange body works, I feel better if I replace it with something that I feel rewards my efforts; maybe a massage or manicure, or flowers as a symbol of my efforts toward better self-care...or finding a new "favorite" food or way to prepare something, whatever works.

  • Ela, make an appointment with Dr. Hesterberg at MGH for a second opinion. Ask him for skin allergy testing to foods and environmental allergens - milk, eggs, various nuts and peanuts, etc will be tested. As long as the problem is an allergic reaction to a protein, it will pick it up. If it's a sensitivity to a carbohydrate, however, there's no test except food elimination and monitoring your body's response.

  • I got the skin testing but only for things like animals, dust mites, found out I'm allergic to dogs (that explains why I had crazy allergies when I had a dog) and one food challenge for shrimp which was positive. I'll talk to my PCP about it when I see him in March. Thanks!