Got my passport photo today have such a puffy prednisone face so upset about it...

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  • You ARE sexy. That's why he loves you and is marrying you. Chubby cheeks is just a bonus. Repeat after me: He is marrying me for me, not for my cheeks. Now, have fun!

  • Don't feel bad...prednisone had me bloated up in my wedding pics too. I couldn't even get my dress to zip up all the way I had gained 30 pounds in 3 months. But..he still wanted to marry me! They love us that's all that matters..

  • How frustrating! I'm sure you'll be gorgeous for your photos. There's always photoshop to trim those cheeks down a bit!

  • understand your view and am not minimizing them at all. I hate photos of me these days, especially when on high doses of prednisone. The weight gain can be depressing because not what we want or choose for ourselves. Take comfort in your fiance's love for you and focus on your love during this romantic time. Don't look at your perceived flaws but at the things you like about yourself and each other; otherwise, you may ruin it for yourself and for him. <3 hugs