Gosh now my older boy mike was in an accident someone cut in front of him n he...

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  • So sorry Linda! Just remember he's okay!! It could be a lot worse!! Stress just triggers everything. It sucks and is so hard! Thoughts and prayers are with you and your son.

  • I see a huge hug for Mike when he gets home! Cars are replaceable, our children are not. Try to keep that in mind and know, it's going to be okay! Deep breaths, one moment at a time. Stress is the enemy.....don't let it win! <3

  • (((Linda)))

  • OMG LINDA thank god hes okay do you have an adavan you can take to relax so you dont get sicker over the stress,

  • Gosh u guys...thank. u for the support n care u gave me I was so nervous n almost did take an ativan! I jst got on here...mike is ok he got shook up but he's ok...I did hug him up when he got home! :-) big time....I'm also glad his baby wasn't in the car. My three yr old granbaby! I know she would've been veryyy upset n I can't even imagine her being in the car. Some guy pulled out in front of him n he swerved n clipped another car. The other car only had a scratch but mikes car was pretty banged up. The guy. Who pulled out stopped n gave all the info to the accident police..but never got ticketed! He causes an accident n doesn't get a ticket? I'm still amazed..the guy even told my son he knew he cut him off..the officer said there were no witnesses! I'm trying to not dwell on it...but I'm once again astounded at how the laws work....is it jst florida? Yeesh! Xoxox

  • Seems like Lyme short-circuits our electrical nervous systems....

  • It did today after my sons call...I could feel all my nerves vibrating...its was a weird sensation...I'm jst thanking god tonite tht he is ok...xo