Good news no Lupus RA or WG Bad news no idea what s causing my petechial...

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  • Thanks,Anna. I will give him a call tomorrow. I have a Derm, so maybe that will work in my favor!

  • HSP - Hope it does Emilie - I was happy to get things done and have an early diagnosis and get started on my way to beating this thing! Good luck and let us know how it goes.

  • I have an appointment with my Derm tomorrow. Called my Rheumy to advise and he suggested to definitely get a biopsy of the lesions. Hopefully this will get me a bit closer to a diagnosis. They are really burning and stinging tonight!

  • Hope you get some answers- maybe it is rare-even rarer.

  • Well, my Dermatologist, besides telling awful jokes, knew right away what was going on: Henoch Shonlein Purpura vasculitis. He took a biopsy, stitched me up and sent me home to rest for the afternoon. He believes it could have been caused by a double bout of strep that I had in April, and sicne I also have Ulcerative Colitis, it can be related to that autoimmune disorder as well. He said it appears to be healing and that although it can recur, I should make a full recovery. Let's hope the biopsy reveals nothing more than this. Thanks everyone for your comments and advice. Any words of wisdom about living with this?

  • Emilie Bedient... there is a wonderful HSP support group here on FB. Come on over, LOL. (I have HSP, as well.... going on three years.) Please make sure you get your kidneys checked, too....


  • I hope so, Amanda, because right now it appears to be flaring again. I am 4 weeks in now and just when it seems to be getting better, it burns and stings and flares up again. My ankles are cankles and I am most uncomfortable! Grrr. This sh*t hurts!

  • i know but u just gotta stay strong and dont give up. My legs stayed that way for months beforw it went away. I could barely walk. But it did eventually clear all up.

  • Emiliei Emilie Bedient It is very hard to diagnose the specific type of Vasculitis, by just looking at it. A biopsy is best. I had my biopsy, in 1989, and I still am never clear on the type of Vasculitis. I do have an auto immune diagnosis, but I don't really fit any Vasculitis catagory specifically. What I have found, is all Vasculitis, is treated with the same types of medication. Plaquenil is the first drug of choice, but have to get eyes checked every 6 months. Keep us posted on the biopsy. I am thinking of getting another one.....