Good Morning Sunday

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  • I totally agree with you Zoe.

  • When I was with my old GP there was him his wife and one receptionist she knew everyone by their first name and so did the doctors without having to look at your notes or a computer screen admitted appointments went on a bit while they got the run down on all the family if they had not been in for a while but it was so nice they made you feel important like you mattered they only had a very small practice though and most of the patients had been with them years and the only way you got took on was if you married one of their patients or one of their patients gave birth to you lol It was such a sad day when they retired :(

  • Those were the days Zoe. I remember them well. Eeek it shows my age. They now diagnose you over the phone!,

  • I don't care if I show my age sometimes things have not improved with technology don't get me wrong I love my pc and social network some days I would be very lonely without it but other things should have been left alone you know the saying "If it aint broke don't fix it "

  • I'm proud of my age, it could do with a lift here and there but that would take my laughter lines away. You're right what would we do without our social networking?

  • Good morning.

  • Hello yall......yesterday my daughter did shopping......even with riding scooter in pain.....guess i try to lay down today..

  • Evening Lovelies, I do hope the weekend was everything you wanted it to be. I've had a quiet day tucked away, colouring and with Midsummer Murders and Lewis for company..... foot has been playing up a smidge with pain and weirdness, missing my lignocaine patches. I sometimes think something isn't doing very much, then when its not available for a few days, too easy to feel the difference! I did have them on order to pick up Friday but Anna in the pharmacy had forgotten to stick them to one side and someone else nabbed them.....Hips not too bad, until I get up and move about.... then they moan at me... but mentally feel quite well rested for the week ahead, just watching Tutankhamen on ITV then off to bed. Grumpy got himself in a tizzy over the clocks change and went out an hour earlier as thinks he's missing an hour...

  • Good night Sharron, sleep well.

  • You too Jenny....