Good Morning everyone. I m new to AS. I ve been treated for RA For 20 years

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  • I think the simple answer is that even the doctors are still learning about it's effects. Most don't listen to the people suffering from AS

  • AS is a weird illness no two people s illness is the same. Read all you can. Treat yourself with kindness. Tired rest, feel good enjoy but don't over do it. Have a good set of Drs rheumatologist, primary health care physician and a pain Dr. Think positive, keep active. And give the disease hell.

  • What they said. I'm HLA-B27 negative, and it sometimes seems easier to call mine Undifferentiated Spondylarthropy, but my sister has it too, and biologics had a dramatic effect on my quality of life when I was able to use them. In truth, medicine knows very little about auto-inflammatory process, but they are learning more every day.


  • From my understanding it starts in the si joints and spreads. I don't think it shows in the spine on xray until fussing starts. It will show up however on ct and MRI. AS is a bitch and likes to attack everything because you know pain in one spot would be too easy!!

  • I've never had an X-ray. My diagnosis was all based on symptoms and family history. My first diagnosis was lupus. Took a few years for another symptom to pop up that wasn't a symptom of lupus to get the AS diagnosis. To be honest, there is no sure way to determine what you have. Even having the gene could mean that you just have the gene. To me if what they are treating me with working, then I'm not that concerned with what name they decide to give my disease. However, I still make sure I have good posture and take time to breath deeply. Good luck on your journey

  • I'm gonna go out on a limb here... I spoke to the nurse at the cancer center where I get my infusions/injections this week about this very topic... She shares my opinion that Autoimmune Disease manifests in so many different symptom sets, and it is not unusual to exhibit symptoms of several "diseases" at different or concurrently...

    My RA, AS and FM are kicking my butt... While my Grave's Disease and IBS are in remission... then they mix and match...

  • AS also can attack your large organs.

  • Just thank God that it has not affected your neck !!!

  • Yes the neck sucks to have it there.i should know.

  • AS can affect any of your joints, because it attacks and hardens your tissues like ligaments and tendons. The reason most of the information out there is about your spine is because this is where the most obvious deformation happens. When the soft tissue starts to harden with the deposits, the bones start to fuse together giving many the traditional bamboo spine. But, this hardening can happen in your other joints as well causing immobility. Most joints do not fuse as easily because of the range of motion and the proximity of the bones. But, you might find your ribcase fusing because the small areas of tissue, or the tissues in your feet for example. Many people think RA is when it affects your other joints...but that causes swelling and deformation of the joints...AS causes bone spur like formations in your tissues. I hope this helps. I have been doing a lot of research on AS since my diagnosis and it does not seem like there is a whole lot out there. One more does not always start in your SI joints, but this is a very common area where people feel it the most because we tend to sit alot and these joints are not very mobile to start out. This can be one of the first signs of fusion. Good luck navigating everything!

  • That is where mine started and is the worst...