Good evening my special friends I hope that you day was a good one without...

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  • Yes that is exactly true and I feel, even though I have not been a part of this group for very long I believe I have found a special friend. She is there at least twice a day, always hoping for pain free day/night for others and works really hard. I feel I am very emotional just now, but I mean you Lisa, thank you for being there for me and the other members of the group. Please keep going, you make life that bit easier. Thank you again c

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz so much. I consider you a dear friend. Love/Hugs.

  • You definitely need some help Lisa . I don't know how you keep up. I can accomplish quite a bit in a week but it is in spurts and sputters. There is no possible way I could adhere to a schedule like you do. Our disease doesn't work that way. Sometimes I'm folding laundry at 3am or making dinner at 7am. I have to do WHEN my body says I can. I'm in awe of you but feel you're burning that candle at both ends. Be good to yourself. You gotta be around for a long time sweetie !

  • Take good care of yourself! You are now feeling the stress of doing too much. You may need to cut back a little of your activities, otherwise you will burn and bust