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  • My obstetric physician has said imuran is more safe than pred in pregnancy.

  • Mtx never worked for me. It was painful and my stomach was very upset all the time. I did injections for like 3 months and pills for like 1 month. Actemra has worked for me.

  • If your TAK is in "remission" then u shouldn't have to be on immuno suppressants?? That's how u know u r in a stable period. I was on Imuran for about a year after my TAK seemingly burnt out. It has stayed burnt out for 9 years now. Just anti hypertensives (4) blood thinner bone density helper and Pred... Always the Pred....

    Hopefully if u r truly in a stable period then you can stop immuno suppressants.

  • Live your life to the fullest!! It is great to have the love and support of a partner. Joys are doubled, sorrow is cut in half. Congrats!

  • Have had my TA for 38 years married 24 of those with one beautiful boy. All of life has good times and tough times. Live, love and laugh every moment you are able. Marry a strong supportive partner who loves you in sickness and health and enjoy life!!

  • Getting married is just fine, just know stress married/divorced/ or single can play into our well being. As for children, ask them to send you and your husband to a specialist for family planning before you decide to get pregnant. Also make sure you talk with your doctor about any necessary medication changes, if that should occur. I myself have two children, and even though I've been on medication where I should not have had children. I do have them in my life and I wouldn't change that for the world!

  • I found out I would need surgery on my valve just before I married and have never been sorry! He knew it before we said our vows and has been a huge support and at times caregiver for the last 27 years.

    2.5 years later I had the valve replacement and ascending aortic graft and that is when we found the giant cells indicative of TAK/GCA.

    He washed the blood from my hair post op, (due to many attempts to do a central line) been by my side through 2 heart attacks, caused by blood clots, and took care of me through 7 fractured vertebrae.

    He says he would do it all again.

  • Live your life! Get married have kids! Don't let it stop you, enjoy every moment or at least try..remissions can be for very long periods, I got diagnosed at 23, I'm now 52, go for it!

  • You have a great man! God bless

  • You control your life don't let the disease control you. Get married and live long

  • Interesting. I've heard the opposite

  • You only live once and YES get married that is awesome you met someone to spend the rest of your life with!

    I had a leaky aortic valve which was fixed when I had a piece of my aorta replaced due to a aneurysm.

  • Yes I had heard that too which is why I spoke at length with her. Apparently it has been used for years in transplant patients who obviously take it during pregnancy