Good afternoon friends Please join me in a warm welcome to our newest member...

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  • Hello and welcome to DDSG. In the pines post is an overview how to navigate around the forum including links to the file section.

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    I am not aware of many southern Californians in our group but there is one in Long Beach, 2 in San Diego and one in the SF Valley. So let's coop forces for Doctor referrals greatly aided by the list in the site. One doctor I see is most specialized is in San Fransciconamdninenin Long Beach but I have not met with them yet. My Encinitas

    Doctor told me to come back on a year for there isn't contracture yet. You found a wealth of info:)) and support:))

  • This is my hand doctor he is very good he studies at UCLA , Southern California most knowledgeable in LA

  • Great thank you

  • Dino, Hello and welcome to DDSG. Here's where you will find a wealth of helpful information regarding the diagnosis and treatment of Dupuytren's disease. You will also find an awesome group of helpful, empathetic Dupuytren's sufferers, who are also seeking their own best path to treatment and improvement. Our forum serves as a safe and comfortable place to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences during your personal journey with this baffling and incurable disease. I am looking forward to reading your own story and getting to know you better. To get you started, here is a link to our information files, full of our best knowledge regarding many topics: les/