Good Afternoon

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  • I push all week and takes the weekend to charge up again. I pray you do too

  • Im in laying around its a rainy achey day. im still waiting its been 15 months my lawyer said nov or dec ..6 or 7 months seem like a life time away...

  • Thank you

    Grandson is here now

    Have a blanket on and watching SpongeBob

    Have a nice evening

  • I talked with Disability accessor yesterday

    He said

    When people retire or leave their job with SS they are not replacing them

    So everyone is overwhelmed, overworked

    Taking longer than usual

    My lawyer said she has a lady on an appeal waiting for 3 years for a judge to hear her case

    That's terrible

    I don't know how people can be so patient waiting

  • I know im trying to be patient ..but ready

  • Im in Kentucky

  • I'm from PA


    Hope you feel better

    Good Luck

  • Thanks u too

  • Mine took almost 2 and a half years to get approved. Was denied three times then had to get a representative