Glad ive found a page where people understand and relate to what im going...

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  • Snap. Crap isn't it.

  • Same here. Is your lesion on the inside or outside?

  • Outside i think. Has surgery helped ?

  • My first surgery did for 2 years, and second for 10 years. My third was in 2013 and has improved pain levels but not really that mobile now. It's worth doing and insist on physio!

  • Have your back and knee been affected

  • Yep but you should search for a real expert. Same problem same diagnosis and had a surgery in December. My pain disappeared after 6 months and next week MR will clarify the final status. Maybe ı was lucky to choose the right one, hope you'll find the right person asap. Be well soon

  • My back has been affected yes. I went to biomechanics to get insoles to help correct things...