FYI to automatically receive notifications of all new replies on a post you can...

%d comments
  • OHHH! That explains why I've seen so many posts over the last year with lots of comments just saying "F". I thought Facebook had disappeared most of their comment in a glitch cos that sometimes used to happen. Life makes sense again

  • Making a comment bumps a post to the top of a group is my understanding.

    If you put a F in comments it starts the notification yes, also bumps the post.

  • Actually, if you click on 'turn on notifications for this post ' it notifies you of updates. Clicking 'save' saves the post which I do for articles that I want to read later.

  • Likewise if you want you can also 'turn off notifications for this post'

  • Thank you for the correction Janicke Aitken!

  • I have tried this and I don't receive notifications.

  • I just received your notification Adriana Vazquez. I originally put in to Save post. But someone else reminded me of turn on notifications. I use Save post only and I get them so maybe try that?