Friendly Fire

John went through a major depression at first, and then rallied hard when he realized that he had things he wanted to do. He knew things would be different, but he decided to move forward any way.

John never forgot the long journey, but he never let what had happened to him define him, and he never left anyone behind.

John decided to help the guys who came in as a reminder of what he was and had become, and was compassionate about others like him.

Their circumstances were different in some ways, but they were brothers. They had a bond of a common purpose, and a similar experience in learning to fight back. Sometimes they carried their brothers out of battle, and sometimes their brothers carried them.

It was always easier he thought to go and help someone when he felt down, which happened less often than not, than to stay home and stay alone.

John knew he could not change Mike's situation, but that friendship, opportunity, encouragement, and time were the only way hope could be brought to this situation. So he offered frequently and patiently waited.

There were always lots of Mikes to talk to as well as other people at different stages who he was happy to get to know and encourage.

All it took was time and patience.

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