Forever one who prays on here please say a prayer for me today not doing to...

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  • thank you wayne I will give that a try tom thank you for always commenting to tell me what to do im always so lost thank you

  • I will be glad to pray for you and your family. I have been there too Bobbi Neeley-Breeden . I pray that feel better soon. I hurt every day and feel like my meds don't work half the time too.

  • you bet bobbie prayers take care!

  • thank you Arthur Lanny Bishop Jr. & Franny Maisano-Roger Orren

  • how are you feeling tonight? praying you are better.

  • Im not feeling much better but Thanks for asking Cindy please keep praying been hurting an really down lately go doc Monday

  • Me prayers added, Bobbi....

  • will do keep us posted

  • Prayers sent

  • Praying for you!!!