For those on Actemra how long after the first infusion did you start seeing...

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  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz,she has never had much joint pains,just here or there,the disease has hit her organs very hard since day 1,her heart,coronary arteries,spleen,kidneys,and as of late now her liver.Since we started in Sept. her lab work has become normal again after 4 months but as of now some of her numbers are going bad again.In the beginning she was pretty tired on infusion day,her appetite is up though,which can be hard to deal with.But it's taken this whole time to continue getting the steroid weaned off and her not to have a flare up or body go into shock and withdraws.Lets hope it works quickly for your daughter.

  • we deal with joint pain daily, but not because of arthritis, evidently. something neurologic so we're going to see a pain management specialist. anyway, her joints started showing improvement after 2 months. vast improvement after 4 months. now, maren only has it in her right wrist, now everywhere like it had been. all of these meds take time and patience.

  • Thank you ladies! Seems like we just need keep taking it one day at a time:). Blake has it in her wrists, ankles knees and hips...from what I can gather...she is not very verbal it is hard to tell where she is exactly hurting.

  • Days. Not weeks or months.

  • about 8 weeks for us.

  • our dr said it would take at least 4-8 weeks, and that was about right. I do notice a "half-life" though....about 4-5 days before the next infusion she seems tobe more symptomatic. Good luck, hope you see results quick :)

  • Same for us on the 'half life' thing. :)

  • about 1 week after we noticed a difference