For a few weeks I ve been experiencing pelvic pain and lower back pain

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  • Gary that is probably your back. Given the testicles part of it. No kidding! My doc just told me that! And the pain is unbelievable. Mine was around and about my ovaries, and I had a CT scan, ultrasound the whole works.

  • Urinary tract infection? Not as common in males, so sometimes missed. If an infection is present and untreated for a while, it can travel up into your kidneys, which would cause lower back pain.

  • liver detox important too <3

  • This sounds like some of my Bart symptoms.

  • is it on the right side could it be your gallbladder are you on rocephin

  • No, it' equally painful on both sides.

  • I'll be getting an ultrasound and blood tests this week. Hopefully we'll get some answers.

  • Thanks for all your comments. I appreciate your input.

  • If you're getting an ultrasound, it'll find this, but one thing I don't think has been mentioned yet that I want to throw into the mix is constipation. In the past, my digestive issues have given me some very severe episodes of constipation that (minus the testicles) felt very similar to the pain you described. Like I said, an ultrasound will find it easily if that's the case.

  • I've had no constipation problems at all. I eat lots of fiber, take potent probiotics, enzymes, drink lots of water, do coffee enemas at least once or twice a week. I'm good there. Good point though. I do have epididymitis but the doctor says he doesn't believe that's the cause. Who knows?