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  • You're better off without her. That is not someone willing to learn or put aside her ego for the sake of her patient. She made things all about her rather than all about you.

    I'm so sick of so many doctors being both crappy people and crappy at their jobs and getting huge amounts of money and respect anyway.

  • Good for you!!

  • Right on !!!!!

  • Steroids alone will kill you.

  • Of course you have to tell! Mine is the same way so I didn't do it.

  • My GP (who is an MD and alternative med. guy) told me you can take the drugs if you like...but it will kill you faster than the disease. When I told him I just didn't think I should take the Cellcept (due to my age and cancer) he gave me a hug. He said thank the lord. You made the right decision. I have not went back to the Rheumy. AS long as my GP will test and treat me...I am going to go with his (and my ) gut feelings. This is probably not for everyone but we are all individuals and its up to us to "heal" ourselves. We cannot let someone else have "control" of our bodies. That is why so many Rheumys get angry. You are not suppose to think for yourself.

  • Just a quick question. Who orders it for you if you have to tell rheumatologist? My Pcp wouldn't do it.

  • Well glad I'm reading no idea what this is so I'm going to investigate not happy w my rehemy either only prescribes placquinal

    Of course on other meds have had lupus and sjogrens for 20plus thx much

    Nor'easter expected in


  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz will not bc the board of Rheumatologist are owned by big pharma. They are only allowed to prescribe certain pharmaceuticals. LDN is not one of them I guess.

  • I'd rather die younger having lived a full life. I had zero quality of life without drugs. I don't want a long miserable life.

  • My GP wrote the prescription for me.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz yeah. Mine refused.

  • Never!! Thats ridiculous, bet she was happy to prescribe lots of nasty drugs though. Glad you said bye.

  • ~ what a shame, and i hope you find a new rheumy that will hold their oath to do no harm and take good care of you.

  • I didn't know what it was till 3 weeks ago, thank god for this group, I found an online gp that was recommended by the ldn organisation and got my ldn liquid a few days later after a week it made my horrific flare subside

  • Well I immediately googled and have been reading.... did a doctor prescribe for you????? I can't believe it has been around for 20 years!!!!!! Thx

  • Hi Jean, I'm in the uk, my gp and rheumy wouldn't give me it but thanks to this group I contacted

    Who put me in touch with a lovely Scottish gp .i paid £35 for a phone and email consultation, I had to prove that I have lupus/Sjogrens and he sent the prescription to a great chemist in Glasgow so I got a 3 month prescription and the one bottle of liquid LDN and syringe cost me £20 I think.

    I take 2.5mg every morn, after a week my 4 week flare up started to subside. My brain now functions again, I can talk and write and walk and stand again, my severe nerve/muscle and joint pain has really subsided. Thank god x

  • Deena Houghton thx

  • My son has been to the U.K. And Scotland was his absolute favorite !!!!!

  • And I sent this info to my cousin who has stage four lung cancer I have listened to a few of the itubes thx again

  • I've only been to Scotland once, in sept, I fell in love with Loch Lomond it reminded me so much of Alaska (I used to work on cruise ships) xx

  • Best of luck to your cousin