Finally got to meet with the Neurologist I ve been waiting to see for about ten...

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  • So sorry Amber Whitney, hopefully you will get some answers. I hope the answer isn't to throw more drugs your way. Who did you get in with?

  • Horace Noland at Center for Neuroscience. He knows more about Sjogrens than my Rheumatologist unfortunately.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz thats good that he knows so much and comforting. Sounds like your in the right place. What are your symptoms if you don't mind sharing?

  • I was diagnosed with autonomic neuropathy this year and I thought he symptoms were just getting worse..buring, tingling, numbing in my legs..all the way up to my hips. Lower back pain that was almost sensitive to the touch, I also had urgency to urinate but had no uti or kidney infection. Today at exam i couldn't feel the needle pricks and he said my reflexes were off.

  • Amber thank you for sharing. Thats a lot to deal with, you sure have been hit hard and you are in such good shape...dang disease has no mercy.

  • I feel you, my rheumatologist has reconfirmed suspicion that pain is coming from autonomic peripheral neuropathy and wants me to follow up to have updated contrast MRI done in 2017 (mine are from 2013...not that I believe it will show anything different) but I've not been back to the neuro because I didn't know I needed to. So annoying and time/cost -ineffective for me with the jankity insurance options we got this year. I've been using horizant for about a month now and it's helped a lot of discomfort, but the stuff literally in my joints doesn't feel better without other stuff. It sucks. I'm glad you found a good neuro like that, my orthopedist is the same, his son has chrohns and he's autoimmune friendly and very interested in the Sjögren's aspect of my life. It's