Felt like I was stoned or drunk today while trying to work Couldn t focus or...

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  • I get exactly the same symptoms even slurring words,or forgetting what I am saying, or doing - but mine I think is all down to the Sjogrens as it comes and goes.

  • Brain fog.....

  • Hi Erin - I worked in accounting for 25 years and retired due to brain fog issues just like this. I see Dr. Vivino at Penn and he had me undergo an MRI & Cognitive function testing. Unfortunately, Sjogrens brain fog issues can't totally be defined. Stress in the workplace definitely didn't help me either. i would recommend getting some testing if for no other reason then to have baseline information especially an MRI.

  • Brain fog can make you feel like your losing your mind.

  • Thanks so much ladies. I am thankful to be able to just do contract work a couple of hours at a time with clients I've had for years before I got sick. I have been a little off my usual sleep exercise eating plan so I'm sure that had something to do with today. I have also been thinking of of dropping a client and think today helped that decision. more yoga time will benefit me more than that more work time

  • It does sound like brain fog. I hate it. I swear I use to be smart

  • Lack of sleep and stress are major triggers for brain fog.

  • You make a great point, Jo Ann. So often, I blame my brain fog on my "disease," but when I manage stress levels, and work REALLY hard on getting good sleep...I can definitely curb my brain fog a bit. (Also getting proper nutrition).

    I also think that hormone levels play a big role...so if we are dealing with autoimmune disease AND we're peri/menopausal...that is a double whammy on the brain!

  • Oh the word slurring is the worst for me!! Especially when you are giving a presentation in front of your colleagues!

  • I had to find the main reasons why I wasn't sleeping well, like Sleep Apnea, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and Restless Leg Syndrome to name a few, and treatment to reduce those symptoms. Also switched to an adjustable bed with a 3-inch Cool Memory foam mattress topper.

    I still get insomnia at times in spite of overt fatigue, but not the zombie-like state I had before.