Feeling a little nervous Meeting with surgeon for surgery consult My...

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  • Good luck!!!! I hope it's an informative meeting

  • Good luck Jenny!

  • Keep us posted :)

  • Good luck with everything Jenny!

  • Dr. Maitland has referred me and my daughter to Dr. Pashinsky in NYC. We see her on Friday. She understands EDS and MCAS. Lets hope that she has answers. Not sure what your insurance situation is for NY state. In any case here to report back to everyone following our appointment on

  • OOPS! Friday

  • I totally understand your concern. I hope the surgeon takes the time to address your concerns to your satisfaction.

  • Thanks everyone. He was really nice and attentive. He's going to have me do a repeat sitz marker test which was what I had done 20 years ago that originally diagnosed my colonic inertia. He said that it depends severity but because I of my EDS he only wants to do surgery as a last resort.